The Evaporating Office - Simon Morse

Exhibition: 20/04/12 - 06/05/12

For Simon Morse, an empty space isn't empty.

Strip Meter Room of any artworks and it would be full of markers of its own history - its relationship with humans, as it were.

These markers - the plug sockets, the junction boxes, the thermostats, all the quiet irregularities our eyes might normally glance past - are what Morse has chosen to work with for this exhibition.

Each item's form and function becomes the starting point for a hyperbolic 'what if', a journey from sense into nonsense and beyond to a point of complexity and chaos otherwise known as the present.

Here nobody knows anything, but everybody knows something. Morse's objects (or should that be Meter Room's Morses?) plot the tottering apex where thought meets thing - the question is, can they get along?

Simon Morse 2012 Simon Morse 2012 Simon Morse 2012 Simon Morse 2012 Simon Morse 2012